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Innovation Technology.

We design and develop technologically advanced tools and solutions, such as e-commerce sites designed according to the most up-to-date usability and neuromarketing criteria, artificial intelligence solutions for the automation of processes and activities, and machine learning tools for the progressive and constant implementation of corporate systems. 

We partner with certified experts who meet our quality standards in each of our areas of expertise.

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Innovation Technology
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We choose and manage the platform that is strategically more in line with each project type, and define each element of the site according to the most up-to-date usability, responsiveness, and persuasion criteria.

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We work closely with N-lab to make any environment smart. 

We provide companies with what they need for Industry 4.0 program projects: Sensors, firmware, software, apps and more.


Fast Prototyping

We are able to create all kinds of prototypes, ensuring a synergy between production departments that allows them to be ready for testing in a very short time. 

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CRM and Management Systems

We provide intuitive and dynamic systems and tools for optimizing all business processes, from document management, internal organization, and data tracking, to speeding up internal and external communications.

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Web And Mobile Apps

We design and implement web and mobile apps for any device, adapting different UX oriented solutions according to business goals.

We also invest in proprietary products and solutions, quality control, and functional process validation.

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IoT and AI (Internet of Things and artificial intelligence)

We are constantly investing in advanced technologies to implement the tools and services we provide, working alongside certified laboratories, agencies and institutions to provide system automation, asset monitoring and control platforms, hardware and software.



Everyone in the art world is crazy about NFTs, but blockchain is still a tough subject. This is why ‘NFT Hub Consulting’ – the Hubstrat division that helps artists and gallerists add new digital value to their art – was born.


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Where we started, how we moved, where we got to.

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