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From the genesis of a business idea to the moment it is launched in the market, we accompany SMEs, startups, and corporate spinoffs with targeted, multichannel strategies, processes, and solutions.

Analysis, planning, organization, and execution. 

All structured in a fluid and agile manner, and able to readjust to short, medium and long-term needs while integrating traditional tools with more advanced ones.

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Marketing - Hubstrat.
Step 01

Planning Goals using Strategic Marketing

Structuring a strategy is step 0 of any business. It involves finding a direction before taking any steps. Strategic Marketing is about building a broad, solid, cadenced plan to achieve long-term goals.


Market Analysis

Analyze the target market, competitors, identified target audience behavior and industry trends.



Conduct dry tests with pilot campaigns on the target audience to validate the effectiveness of strategies and operations.


Launch and Monitoring

Optimizes the marketing campaign by keeping it aligned with set goals thanks to KPI monitoring.

Step 02

Achieving Goals with Tactical Marketing

Tactical Marketing integrates various solutions and techniques, be they innovative or traditional, offline or digital, alternating, blending and combining them as needed. It involves moving toward the goals set during the strategic stage one step at a time, and always being in control of the budget and the progress of the strategy.

Outdoor Marketing

Reach your audience outside of the digital world, in the places and ways that suit them better.

E-mail marketing

Aim for the right target audience with precise and effective planning.

Social media e influencer marketing

Use social media’s incredible potential to grow your brand.

Content marketing

Plan and create quality content that shows the public the depth of your brand.


Capture your target audience’s attention by creating opportunities for participation and healthy competition.

Participation in trade fairs and events

Build and strengthen important relationships in your industry.


Forget anonymity and conquer the first pages of Google.

Radio and TV commercials

Make your presence known on traditional channels with specially designed commercials.


Create an original and powerful narrative by partnering with another brand.

Direct marketing

Aim straight at your target audience with the most effective marketing there is. 

Landing pages

Create an online page specifically designed to drive your target audience to conversion.

PR and press

Grow your reputation and maintain a constant media presence. 


Case Studies

Our projects at a glance.

Where we started, how we moved, where we got to.

Marketing - Hubstrat.
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